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Naples Fishing Pier Arial


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According to a Collier County News report on April 8, 1949, “At present, the Pier Manager, Eddie Watson, buys fish from anglers who wish to sell them, and resells them to the Combs Fish Company at two-cents-per-pound mark-up.”  By 1956, the fishing pier still attracted anglers and the December issue of Holiday claimed the fishing was so easy that “Last summer, a visitor caught a twenty-pound bass with a coat hanger.”  The Holiday feature also noted, “Sunset watching is still popular as it was in 1887, but hardly anyone bothers to watch the shrimp fleet come in any more, unless they just happen to be eating down on the docks at the small, popular Fish House (reservations two weeks in advance in season are not unusual).”  Bob and Pat Combs owned the Fish House and Combs Fish Company, located next to the Gordon River Bridge.  By 1950, Bob Combs owned a fleet of 12 shrimp boats.

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