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Preserve the history of Naples one member, one tour, one child, one old-timer, one story, one historic house, one event at a time!

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the number of 4th & 5th grade Collier County students who learn about the history of naples every year.


The Society is an accomplished steward of Naples, FL history. It maintains the pristine Palm Cottage and makes Naples’ original residence from 1895 available for public events, private functions, and guided tours. In addition, a 90 minute, one mile guided walk of the downtown historic district is provided for a fee.  The guide during my morning tour was affable and well informed. It’s a fun thing to include during any visit to Naples. As a resident, I wish I had come sooner. But I’ll be back!

Jamie R.

Naples, Florida

Historic Palm Cottage is very close to the Naples Pier which is the most popular tourist site in Naples. The Pier is great but you learn a lot more about the history of Naples by touring Palm Cottage. A tour of the house is very well done with quite knowledgeable guides. Loaded with period furnishings and authentic decor. There are many excellent hanging photos of the early days in Naples including one where the golf course was used to land very early airplanes.

We took the walking tour offered on Wednesday mornings. For 2 hours we walked all around the historic district with an excellent guide telling us fascinating tales about early homes and people of Naples. We were very impressed and will certainly take the tour again. Need a break from the beach, try this out. I am sure you will love it.

Ray M.

Discovering Naples’ Past – This is the quintessential place to unlock Naples’ early history. Be sure to go on both the walking and house tour. You will discover little gems sprinkled all over Old NAPLES which will give you a real appreciation for how far it has come. The docents are volunteers and do a great job.


Tours, Lectures, Events and Programs!

House & Walking Tours

Naples Historical Society is proud to offer two exceptional tours for your enjoyment:  Tours of Historic Palm Cottage and Walking Tours of the Naples Historic District.  Both are exceptional and regardless of which tour you choose, you will have an enlightened understanding of local history that cannot be found elsewhere.  Which to choose? 

garden side chickee chat (lectures)

This annual winter lecture series features local experts who showcase a variety of topics related to our history. Past topics include a history of swamp buggies, art in Naples, waterfronts of Naples, southern-style bluegrass, and so much more!

Society Events

Naples Historical Society presents a host of exciting and memorable events throughout the year!  There is no better way to engage our members and make new friends other than to showcase and share Historic Palm Cottage in many different ways.  What suits your fancy:  Flappers?  Brews?  Croquet?  Christmas?  Sleuthing?  We have it all!

educational programs

Naples Historical Society is proud to share Historic Palm Cottage and the stories about Naples’ history with the community.  To that end, we host a multitude of educational programs available for every person interested in history:  young or mature, resident or visitor, preservationist or for those who are simply curious!


Archival Repository Project

The Archival Initiative is the Society’s next proposed major preservation venture.  This vast effort is what many libraries, governments, museums, municipalities, insurance companies, or any other industry or company that wants to protect its documents are doing.  And, it’s exactly what responsible historical societies are or should be doing. 

The Society has always had, in some form, a storeroom of sundry archival material.  Over the last several years, it grew without effort.  The relatively vast collection in the Society’s possession now are from those who donated their precious materials to the Society for safekeeping, or from those the Society sought out of a concern that the material would otherwise be tossed aside.

The current collection of historical materials comprises the Society’s archives, and its burgeoning existence presents an opportunity to craft a project, a major initiative, that will ultimately serve the Society and, more importantly, the community. 

The material in the Society’s possession, and yet to be collected, includes any and all Naples history-based documents, newspaper articles, photos, artwork, images, objects, furniture, audio and video oral histories, printed memoirs, textiles, ephemera, postcards, books, published materials, reports, and other collectibles.  Having and properly utilizing this amalgamated archival collection supports the Society’s vision to Be the Central Voice of Naples History.

Volunteer at naples historical society

This initiative includes the primary components of accountable collections management: the soliciting, collecting, classifying, processing, digitally recording, interpreting, writing about, sharing, and care-taking of material in the Society’s possession. 

The overarching goal of the Archival Initiative is to make available a digitized, user-friendly archival repository that serves anyone, far and near, who is interested in the history of Naples, Florida.

The end-users include community citizens, the media including writers and bloggers, local governments, businesses, students, visitors from afar, other historical societies and museums, and Naples Historical Society. 

This project is a multi-year endeavor.  Be a part of living history and help us augment our collections by donating treasured informational materials that help to tell the story of this wonderful community.  Call us for more information. 

Council of Longtime Friends

Join a rare group of local residents. The Council of Longtime Friends is a treasured group of old-timers and old-timer family members who are the final arbiter of Naples past and who help build the Society’s archives by providing identification information on many archival photos.

Remember the old water tower?  Maybe you spent some time at the Paw Paw Patch! We need help from our Longtime Friends to ensure our understanding of the past is accurate.  

The Council of Longtime Friends meets once a year in October. Call the Society to learn more about the next gathering at 239.261.8164.  NOTE:  The October 2020 event has been cancelled due to COVID-19. 
Not an old-timer, but been in Naples a long time? Join us! This is a FREE event and refreshments are available. Become a part of this important social group.

 Naples Oral Histories

Naples Historical Society works to preserve the history of Naples in many ways.  One area is to record old-timers and others who know about the community’s past.  We have filmed, recorded, and acquired many films, videos, and audio tapes over the last many decades, all of which will be embedded, someday, on a Naples Historical Society You Tube channel for the enjoyment of the community.  

We are happy to share that the Society is working on the production of many vignettes that center on a given theme, e.g. five old-timers reflecting on Hurricane Donna or fishing at the Naples Pier or what law enforcement was like in the early days!  It’s a very cool project!  Completion of this proposed project is entirely reliant on philanthropic investment.  Call the office to learn more about how you can help! 

In the meantime, click here to listen to a Telly Award-winning oral history overview film (24 minutes in length).  Enjoy!

Our oral history video (25 minutes)

This FREE annual event is the best place to meet like-minded history lovers and others who appreciate the charm of historic houses, especially Historic Palm Cottage.

Member Mixer

In the old days, the Society’s Member Mixers presented an opportunity for the general membership to get together, make new friends, and discuss Naples history and their role in its preservation. 

Today, we do the same thing!

This important casual event has returned and is hosted each spring. FREE to all members!

Meet the Board of Directors, staff, volunteers and other members where you can learn about the Society’s progress and its plans for the future. Members are encouraged to bring a friend, too, to join that day! Refreshments are included. FREE event! 


visit the Cottage store for historic photoS, history books, membership AND MORE!

Pupils at Historic Palm Cottage

Naples Historical Society is proud to partner with the local educational community, including all public and private schools, by providing FREE field trips for history students.

Garden Side Chickee Chats

This annual lecture series in the heart of the season features local experts who showcase a variety of topics related to our history. 

Society Events

“If These Walls Could Talk” –  As the community continues to grow and embrace new friends, seasonal or permanent residents, it is vital to maintain a connection with the past.

House & Walking Tours

Let us lead you on a one-mile walking tour through the Naples Historic District, a Landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Volunteer for the Society

Be a part of living history! Our doors are always open to community friends interested in donating their time and talent to our mission.

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