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Preserve the history of Naples one member, one tour, one child, one old-timer, one story, one event at a time! 

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View an 18-minute video about historic rehabilitation in Naples and see interior footage of how historic houses transform into prized gems!

the number of 4th & 5th grade Collier County students who learn about the history of naples every year.


A hidden gem in downtown Naples!! We loved our tour led by Jerry! He was extremely personable, knowledgeable and friendly, which made our tour seem like walking through a cherished family home. The home and grounds are beautiful. Be sure to enjoy the video in the back cottage which takes about 20 minutes. A MUST SEE IN NAPLES!!
Jamie R.

Naples, Florida

Such a gorgeous house with so much history. Loved seeing the small garden too. The man that checked us in was so friendly and told us a lot about current day Naples which I appreciated. John, our tour guide, was great and told us so much about the house and life in early naples. He made us feel so comfortable and answered lots of questions. So glad we stopped in!


Temecula, California

Discovering Naples’ Past – This is the quintessential place to unlock Naples’ early history. Be sure to go on both the walking and house tour. You will discover little gems sprinkled all over Old NAPLES which will give you a real appreciation for how far it has come. The docents are volunteers and do a great job.


Tours, Lectures, Events and Programs!

House & Walking Tours

Naples Historical Society is proud to offer two exceptional tours for your enjoyment:  Tours of Historic Palm Cottage and Walking Tours of the Naples Historic District.  Both are exceptional and regardless of which tour you choose, you will have an enlightened understanding of local history that cannot be found elsewhere.  Which to choose? 

garden side chickee chat (lectures)

This annual winter lecture series features local experts who showcase a variety of topics related to our history. Past topics include a history of swamp buggies, art in Naples, waterfronts of Naples, southern-style bluegrass, and so much more!

Society Events

Naples Historical Society presents a host of exciting and memorable events throughout the year!  There is no better way to engage our members and make new friends other than to showcase and share Historic Palm Cottage in many different ways.  What suits your fancy:  Christmas?  Scotch?  Croquet?  Old-Fashioned Cocktails?  Garden Games? Sharing stories?  We have it all!

educational programs

Naples Historical Society is proud to share Historic Palm Cottage and the stories about Naples’ history with the community.  To that end, we host a multitude of educational programs available for every person interested in history:  young or mature, resident or visitor, preservationist or for those who are simply curious!



Message from the Chief Executive Officer:

History is fascinating!  Whether one seeks to understand the history of a person or building, an era or geographic part of town, or of an institution, there is always something to digest and learn.  This exploration is the foundation of our intellectual curiosity.  It reflects our own personal growth, our conversations, our perspectives on life.  

Naples Historical Society is committed to doing our part to inform, inspire and involve our friends, neighbors, and visitors with our local history.  Knowing about local history holds tremendous value, especially in a city like Naples.  

The Society hosts a series of educational programs, for our youth and mature audiences, as well as offers many events throughout the year.  The navigation bar invites you to explore all of this.  There is something for everyone! 

For those of you interested in historic preservation, know that we took the lead for this, and it’s been a daunting task by all measures.  Market economics work as they do, and we have managed well, but there is always more to do.  There are two informative videos that will provide greater information on our work in this regard.  Please take the time to review them or, if you prefer, call me for a one-on-one discussion about historic rehabilitation in Naples.  

There are many ways to get involved with the Society:  join as a member, volunteer your time, and attend events to learn how you can help spread the word.  Once a part of history is gone, it cannot be re-built.  It takes a community to preserve one, and yes, it takes like-minded people to be a living part of Naples history to make an impact for the generations to follow.  We welcome your involvement. 

The next step is to explore our website, take a tour, sign up for an event, and join as a member!  Thank you, in advance, for your time and consideration.  


 Elaine L. Reed, MPA


Pupils at Historic Palm Cottage

Naples Historical Society is proud to partner with the local educational community, including all public and private schools, by providing FREE field trips for history students.

Garden Side Chickee Chats

This annual lecture series in the heart of the season features local experts who showcase a variety of topics related to our history. 

Society Events

“If These Walls Could Talk” –  As the community continues to grow and embrace new friends, seasonal or permanent residents, it is vital to maintain a connection with the past.

House & Walking Tours

Let us lead you on a one-mile walking tour through the Naples Historic District, a Landmark listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Volunteer for the Society

Be a part of living history! Our doors are always open to community friends interested in donating their time and talent to our mission.

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