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COVID-19 has challenged our typical tour and event plans.  Please explore our booking system where you can confirm tour and event times, or call the office for more information:  239-261-8164.

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Educational Programs

Educational programs offered at Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage! 

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Garden Side Chickee Chats

This annual lecture series in the heart of the season features local experts who showcase a variety of topics related to our history. Past topics include a history of swamp buggies, the history of art in Naples, and southern-style bluegrass. Have an idea to share? Call us!

Chairs are provided, but bring your sun hats and sun glasses! Members are FREE!
Non-members $8.00. Reservations are required. Rain or shine! Refunds will be available if the Society cancels the event due to inclement weather. Or, you may choose to make a donation! 

Call for additional information: 239-261-8164

Garden Side Chickee Chat – 2019

Pupils at Palm Cottage

Naples Historical Society provides FREE field trips for Collier County students studying Florida history.  We want every 4th and 5th grade student in Collier County to know the history of their own community.

The Society is especially proud to partner with the Collier County Public School District on the creation of a virtual field trip, which keeps everyone safe and healthy!  This production of a virtual field trip is schedule to be completed by January 2021. 

Students…aka pupils…at Naples Historical Society’s Historic Palm Cottage having post-field trip fun in The Norris Gardens at Palm Cottage!  (2020)

Council of Longtime Friends

Join a rare group of local residents. The Council of Longtime Friends is a treasured group of old-timers and old-timer family members who are the final arbiter of Naples’ past and who help build the Society’s archives by providing identification information on many archival photos.

Remember the old water tower? Maybe you spent some time at the Paw Paw Patch! We need help from our Longtime Friends to ensure our understanding of the past is accurate. 

We have many photographs that need to be identified, and we know there are stories that need to be told.

This photo was taken in 1915 in front of what was once “Bamboo Cottage.”  Take a Walking Tour of the Naples Historic District to learn where that once stood!

Speaker’s Bureau

Naples Historical Society’s speaker’s bureau provides lectures to all interested parties.

This photo captured one of the Society’s Garden Side Chickee Chat lectures, Chester & Friends.  One of the most well-attended lectures, we hold March of every year exclusively for Chester and his wonderful friends in order to learn, first-hand, the skinny from back in the day! (March 2020)

Naples Oral Histories

Naples Historical Society works to preserve the history of Naples in many ways.  One area is to record old-timers and others who know about the community’s past.  We have filmed, recorded, and acquired many films, videos, and audio tapes over the last many decades, all of which will someday soon be embedded on a Naples Historical Society You Tube channel for the enjoyment of the community.  Stick with us to learn when this special A/V project will be finished!

Lawrence & Alexandra Brown, the last residential owners of what is now Palm Cottage, in front of their house, circa 1934. 

Preservation & Rehabilitation

Since 1885, Naples, Florida has always reflected an amalgamation of culture: those with resources and those who provide products and services for the community. Regardless of financial standing or the creep of development, whether then or now, many people across the board have cared, and still care deeply, about safeguarding Naples’ past. 

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