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In 1926, Robert Fohl Sr. climbed to the top of the Naples Hotel water tower and took the photograph of the fledgling business district of Naples.  The large building in the center, on what is now Third Street South, was the first commercial building of Naples.  Built in 1919 by the Naples Company to serve as a commissary, Capt. Charles Stewart managed it until the Robert and Lige Bowling purchased it in 9126.  Leila Canant, who moved to Naples in 1928, remembered the kindness of the brothers who operated the only general store in town, “Since there was no bank in town, they would loan us money, record it on our grocery account, and then give us a 10 percent discount each month.”  The Naples Company building (left), built c. 1921, was a multi-purpose community building, serving as a company office, church, and beginning in 1925, the town hall.  The second school building, built in 1920 is at the top, just left of center.  The small structure attached to the right side of the commissary is the post office.

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