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Preservation Project Background

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Historic Preservation Program

This program allows owners of historic contributing properties that are reconized by the National Register to apply for exemption from FEMA floodplain regulations and the Florida Building Code’s 50% Rule. Call the Society to learn more!

Historic Preservation Program PDF (1 of 2)
Appendix Q Oversized Document, Flowchart PDF (2 of 2)
Design Review Application REVISED Document
Ordinance, Revised & Approved, November 2017
IV — Appendices T to V REV ER

Communications with City of Naples, State of Florida
02-21-2019 Email to Michelle McLeod, Member of Naples City Council
01-11-2019 Email to City Council 
01-11-2019 Email to Terry Hutchison, City Councilman 
01-03-2019 Email to Terry Hutchison, Member of Naples City Council 
08-24-2018 Letter to the City Manager and Naples City Council

03-05-2018 Certified Local Government–Society Summary
02-20-2018 SHPO Response for Proposed Naples Ordinance for NFIP Reviews01-26-2018 Naples: DRB and CLG
01-11-2018 Confirmation of State Review Process Until Program is Finalized
01-08-2018 Conference Call Recap with City of Naples and SHPO
06-19-2017 City Staff & Society Meeting Recap 
06-11-2017 Ourstanding Issues 
06-07-2017 Mr. Pritt – City Attorney
05-22-2017 Mayor Bill Barnett
05-18-2017 Mayor Bill Barnett
04-18-2017 Email to City Manager and Members of City Council
04-17-2017 PowerPoint for City Council Workshop
04-17-2017 PDF Attachments for City Council Workshop 
04-17-2017 City Council Workshop – Decision Points
03-2017 Communications with the City of Naples and State of Florida
02-28-2017 Email to Planning Director
02-23-2017 Email to City Manager 
02-16-2017 Neighborhood Letter
02-14-2017 Email to Planning Director
01-22-2017 Next Steps for the Naples Historic District Discussion 
District Resident Commission

Secretary of the Interior–Standards for Rehabilitation Appendix B



Join Cottage Briefs for Email Updates

Endorsement Letter 


Letters to the District Residents
03-01-2018 A Brief Recap 
07-20-2017 District Resident Letter
05-03-2017 District Resident Postcard
03-29-2017 District Resident Postcard
03-23-2017 District Resident Postcard
12-27-2016 District Resident Letter
02-16-2017 District Resident Letter 
02-15-2016 District Resident Postcard
02-08-2016 District Resident Letter
02-05-2016 District Resident Survey
11-02-2015 District Resident Letter
02-08-2016 – Neighborhood Letter
Neighborhood Survey

Naples Historical Society Research & Findings 
            Boundary-Map of the Naples Historic District
            Demolitions to Date
            District Inventory List
            District Ownership by State
            Evaluative Comparisons
            Facts and Findings
            Front Porch Restoration Images—Historic Palm Cottage
            Glass House is Wonderful, But is in the Wrong Place
            Job Description for Preservation Specialist
            Naples Breaks All Growth Marks – 1957
            Naples Historic District Advisory Roundtable
            Helping Naples Grow! – 1979
            Inventory List of Contributing Structures
            Preservation Approaches
            Wilkinson House NDN Article, 6Nov2003:  The Society Says it IS Historic
            PowerPoint Presentation, Spring 2016 (full video available at             Naples Historical Society). NOTE: Presentation to City Council is             archived on the City’s website, Workshop dated April 18, 2016, Agenda             Item #6 at minute-marker 4:54:00.

Local News and Other Documents
            Historic District & Preservation 1 of 3
            Historic District & Preservation 2 of 3
            Historic District & Preservation 3 of 3
            R/UDAT, 1987 (Regional/Urban Design Assistance Team)

City of Naples and Collier County
            City of Naples, Building Department Memos Regarding Historic 
            Preservation (2009 | 2013 | 2016)
            1989 Proposal & Workshop Comments
            2004 Historic Preservation Ordinance DRAFT
            2007 Historic Preservation Ordinance DRAFT
            City of Naples Comprehensive Plan
            Collier County Section 2 03 07 E of the Land Development Code
            Collier County Certificate of Appropriateness
            General Information for Restoring Historic Structures—City of Naples

Other Florida Communities  
            City of West Palm Historic Preservation Ordinance
            City of West Palm Chapter VIII Design Guidelines
            City of West Palm Chapter VII Review Process
            Palm Beach Ordinance #19-2013
            St. Augustine Design Guidelines for New Construction

State of Florida 
            FEMA Disaster Assistance Policy—Repair vs Replace
            Florida Master Site File Guidelines
            Restoration Examples in Florida
            Florida Building Code for Substantial Improvements
            Florida Building Code, Chapter 12 Historic Buildings
            Florida Counties Fact Sheet

National Trust for Historic Preservation
National Register of Historic Places
National Flood Insurance Program — NFIP 
            National Register Application—1987 
            National Register Criteria for Evaluation
            National Flood Insurance Program—NFIP
            Landmarks List (as of December 2013)

Where Are You? 
            Emotional Gamut—Preservation’s Rollercoaster
            Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Additional Reading

  Reading Material—Blending New Construction into Main Street
Reading Material—Guidelines for Rehabilitating Historic Structures—NPS
Reading Material—National Register Guidelines for Evaluating Properties That Achieved Significance in Last 50 Years
Reading Material—NTHP Restoration v Replacement Using a School for Example
Reading Material—Secretary of Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties
Reading Material—Secretary of Interior’s Standards (10)
Reading Material—Fragile or Short-lived Resources
Reading Material—Summary of Florida Historic Preservation Law



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